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Please, do it your reservation with 30 days of anticipation for disponibility.

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Please tell us on wich program you are interested in as well as information about your previous experience on trips of this kind.

Reservations Reservations will only be accepted via mail under the following conditions: Please, inform us date and kind of program you wish to book in (and quantity of participants), upon our confirmation, we'll block that date for you for a maximum of up to ten days. The reservation will be confirmed with a cash deposit of the 30% of the required services (usually a Western Union money transfer if you are overseas). We also accept credit or debit cards. We can also grant your booking with the complete information of your credit card, as follows (confidential information only used as a backup of your booking, no payments will be pre-cashed from your credit card and you will decide you payment method upon arrival):
Type of credit card (Master, visa, etc)
Name of the beholder
Number of the credit card
Expiration date Code number (the last three figures at the back)

We accept payment with debit and credit cards (VISA and Mastercard, Visa Electron or Maestro).

Cancellation Policy (only written and clearly stated)
Up to 30 days prior to day 1 of the program, 100 % refund
Up to 10 days prior to day 1 of the program, 50 % refund
Within 10 days prior to day 1 of the program, your down-payment will be fully held.

In all cases, administrative fees will be held. The refund will be done within a 60-days period following your cancellation


Our programs are mostly held from October to the end of April (this is what we call the touristic season). That would be the end of spring, our austral or southern summer, and the beginning of the autumn. Whereas the expeditions to the Southern Ice Field should be done preferably in late spring and early summer, the autumn offers a landscape of fascinating colors in our deciduous Patagonian Andean forest. Hiking, trekking and overnight activities can be carried out all along the season. The days are the longest in December and January and the Park and El Chalten receive the highest number of visitors in January: you are going to see more people in the trails but at the same time the village becomes livelier!! During the winter possibilities are more restricted and limited due to the presence of snow although excellent short hikes can be done in snowshoes or skis in a wonderful white landscape; also, the weather during the winter tends to be more stable, although always cold to extremely cold. Please remember to ask for our assistance before deciding on your trip.

Outdoor activities always require of a minimum good physical condition to be able to walk without it possessing a threat to ourselves, as well as good general health. It will be of the highest importance to be well aware of the seasonal, meteorological conditions – especially in glacier programs- ; river crossing, etc, that can vary a lot along the season and even during a day. Difficulty of the programs will imply not only the physical demand or effort that will be required from you in terms of distance and elevation gain or drop but also on many other factors: the amount of days of the circuit (sometimes just camping or only hotels), big expeditions packs without porters, just daypacks, the weather, isolation from the village or medical assistance, circuits in which returning will take a couple of days with no possibilities of helicopter rescue, technical difficulties, terrain, as well as factor that ultimately depend of each of us like different abilities on varying terrains, physical and mental preparation and disposition. The difficulty scale is only for orientation and we follow the scale established by the Santa Cruz Province Tourism Bureau. Please it is very important for you to ask any questions regarding this item in order to a make a good choice and a good preparation.


Each program will require a specific Equipment List which will be necessary and obligatory for the program’s participants. Before each activity or day hike and prior to the trip Casa de Guias will provide the participants with the corresponding Equipment List for each case. Otherwise stipulated and arranged with the customer all the group equipment will be shared between the participants and members of the expedition. Casa de Guías has programs with/without organized Camps and porters. Please ask before travel on this item and tell us your preferences. Also Casa de Guias will assess you on rental equipment possibilities in El Chaltén and personal porters.

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